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Meet this year's pacers!

A pacer helps set the pace for runners in the marathon and half marathon. Each pacer will have a sign indicating their pace time. Be sure to find them on race day!


james Atkinson.jpeg

James Atkinson

Half Marathon | pace 2:00

Hello! I started my running journey about 8 years ago. I have raced every distance up to 50 miles. I really enjoy pacing and helping people achieve their goals. Let’s go!

Ross Bartlett

Half Marathon | pace 1:45

Hotelier by day, runner by morning and night! Running is sport where everyone can participate and enjoy the positive mental and physical effects it brings. I've run 3 Marathons in my career - Chicago 2019, Marine Corps 2022 and Indianapolis 2023 with a PR of 3:29 and Minneapolis this fall. I've also run the River Bank 25K multiple times, Kalamazoo 13.1, Lansing 13.1, among many 10Ks and 5Ks. look forward to getting to know you out on the road!

Ross Bartlett.jpg
Jeffrey Boog.jpg

Jeff Boog

Marathon | pace 5:15

I have been running marathons since 2016.  I love meeting new runners, and learning from the experienced folks.  It’s a rush seeing someone cross the finish line after completing their first 26.2, and it’s a rush seeing someone finish marathon number 10 or 20.  Let’s go have some fun together!

Andy Boris

Marathon | pace 3:45

I love to run, race and pace! I’ve ran over 40 full marathons. Going through the finish line at the marathon never gets old! It’s always a very special moment. 🥰

Andy Boris.jpeg

Elizabeth Carey

Marathon | sweeper

I love running and find any excuse to get outside. It’s always exciting to set new goals and I hope to PR my next marathon scheduled for August 2024. Nothing beats being a mom but running is a close second.

Elizabeth Carey
Stefano Castruccio.png

Stefano Castruccio

Marathon | pace 5:00

I have been a runner since about 3 years ago, and ran 3 marathons and many half marathons. Kalamazoo has been the place of my first half marathon and my second marathon last year, I am really excited to be back here!

Evan Cole

Marathon | pace 4:45

Evan Cole is an avid runner in the Kalamazoo area. He's excited to be a part of the inaugural Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon. This will be Evan's 16th marathon.

evan Cole.jpg
jessica Conklin.jpeg

Jessica Conklin

Marathon | pace 4:15

I am a wife and mother of two children, aged 6 and 1. With over 20 years of running experience, I have a passion for fitness and staying active. In 2023, I made the move from Arizona to Michigan, where I now reside with your two dogs, a cat, and four chickens.

John Cooley

Marathon | pace 4:30

Hello! I started running around 2018 to get back in shape and keep up with my oldest daughter. I have not stopped since then, completing multiple marathons and ultra marathons!

Pacer_Cooley, John.jpg
Ken DeBack.jpg

Ken DeBack

Half Marathon | pace 2:00

I have been running for over 45 years and have paced more than 30 races.


Marathon | pace 4:15

I love our running community in Kalamazoo, and I could not be more excited for this year's race. I have been running for the last 20+ years, and I have created some of my best friendships and memories through running. Let's go, and make this a phenomenal event!

Ben Dilla
Heather Durian

Heather Durian

Marathon | sweeper

I love to run, talk and pace. Marathon is my fave distance. I’m almost to 50 full marathons.

Teresa Fulcomer

Marathon | pace 5:30

Started running in 2008 and have enjoyed meeting new people. Completed a few 50 milers and 2 100 mile races.

Teresa Fulcomer.JPG
Gus Garza.jpg

Gus Garza

Half-Marathon | pace 2:45

I have enjoyed running for 10+ years. The Borgess Marathon event back in 2016 was my first half marathon. I paced the Ziegler Half Marathon last year and I hope to you can join us this year, it is so much fun. Happy running!!

Charles Henderson

Marathon | pace 4:00

Charles has been running for over a decade and has completed multiple half marathons, full marathons, and ultras. When not running, he enjoys baking, especially sourdough bread.

charles Henderson.jpg
Erica Hicks.jpeg

Erica Hicks

Marathon | pace 6:00

I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I have been running consistently for 9 years. I have paced half marathons in the past.

Patrick Huot

Half-Marathon | pace 2:45

I have been running for just over 10 years and have completed many events successfully. More recently I have become increasingly interested in helping others achieve their race goals through leading pace groups and offering "on course" encouragement to the many participants that I encounter.

Patrick Huot.jpg
Arya Jayatilaka.jpg

Arya Jayatilaka

Half Marathon | pace 2:30

In the last 20 years, I have completed 10 marathons and about 100 HMs; some of them were run as pace leader. ZKZM course is fairly challenging but scenic course with great crowd support and great organization. Let us run together to reach our personal goals and make it a memorable event. 

I look forward to seeing you at the start line.

Derek Kraus.jpeg

Derek Kraus

Half Marathon | pace 1:45

Long time runner in the Holland community that still loves to be competitive but giving back as a pacer. I enjoy bringing community to running by helping others reach their PRs.

Amanda Lacy

Half Marathon | pace 2:15

My name is Amanda Lacy. I have been running for 18 years and have been pacing for the past 12 years. I pace because I enjoy supporting other runners and helping them meet their goals.

Amanda Lacy.jpg
Amanda Lake

Amanda Lake

Half Marathon | pace 2:15

I started running to clear my head and for the physical benefits around 6 years ago after giving birth to my triplets. Since that time I’ve done numerous triathlons, half marathons and 2 full marathons with my 3rd coming up in November.

Cole Mabie

Marathon | pace 3:30

I grew up in the Kalamazoo area and moved back after college. I love to explore new places and routes to run all over the city and spend time on the many available walking trails with my wife and two dogs! Soccer was my first passion but I fell in love with running after my first race in Traverse City. We spends the summers camping all around the state of Michigan and exploring new towns through running!

Cole Mabie.jpg
Megan Magee.jpeg

Megan Magee

Half Marathon | pace 3:00

I have been a long distance runner for many years now. I have ran 7 full marathons, many many half’s and 2 ultra marathons. I have been a team leader for winter and summer run camps as well. Running is my passion and helps with my sobriety!!!

Logan McDonald

Half Marathon | pace 3:30

Hi, my name is Logan McDonald. I’m an experienced runner from Kalamazoo. I run often with the five guys project and my fastest marathon is 2:49z

Logan McDonald.jpeg
Justin Mendoza.jpg

Justin Mendozaer

Half Marathon | pace 3:00

Justin is a local nonprofit leader and a city commissioner in Parchment, MI. He has run 4 half-marathons (in Washington, D.C, Boston, and Michigan) at as fast as a 2 hour pace, and is currently training for his first ever 25K! Justin loves to see folks get out and get active, and running a half marathon is a GREAT way to be a part of a big community of runners.

Lorena Moras Trainor

Marathon | pace 6:00

In 2008 my husband joined the Borgess run camp and I thought he was completely crazy... until I started running outside during the winter with him to keep him company. Since then, I have run and paced several half-marathons and marathons, mostly in Michigan. I enjoy pacing because I get the chance to meet new people and help them achieve their goals, especially new marathoners (or half).

Lorena Moras-Trainor.jpg
Stacey Newton.jpeg

Stacey Newton

Marathon | pace 5:15

I love running and the joy it brings me no matter what kind of day or week I am having!!

Raechel Portelli

Raechel Portelli

Half Marathon | sweeper

I'm a late bloomer, only starting to run at age 34. Since then I've run 36 half marathons, numerous 5ks, and a half dozen marathons and ultramarathons. I enjoy making friends on the trail and on the road.

Amy RempalskZI

Half Marathon | sweeper

I used to hate running, but now running over 100 races of half marathon or longer proves the opposite! I enjoy pacing and helping others achieve their goals!

Amy Rempalski
Dan Sammons.jpeg

Dan Sammons

Half Marathon | pace 1:30

I’m a has been college XC/track runner who’s trying to stay young one mile at a time. I’m in the yellow in the picture and just about to run a nice BQ.

Matthew Santner

Marathon | pace 3:45

I joined the greater Kalamazoo running community in 2009. I have paced 7 marathons, 12 half marathons and 3 ten mile races. I look forward to sharing the excitement and challenges of race day.

Matthew Santner.jpg
Amber Smith

amber smith

Marathon | pace 5:00

Amber loves being active, and running is her favorite way to move. When she's not running, she enjoys spending time with her cats Zazzles and Abby.

Jeffrey Stull

Marathon | pace 4:15

I have been distance running for 12 years, completing over 20 marathons including few ultras. I have led many training pace groups over the past decade and look forward to being one of your pacers for the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon and helping you to hit your goal.

Jeff Stull.JPG
Scott Vernon.jpeg

Scotty Vernon

Marathon | pace 4:00

I ran my first 5k, 25k, and marathon all in 2009, and have been hooked on running ever since. I love spending time with my wife and dogs and I love encouraging and helping others to achieve their running goals.

Kim Wason

Half Marathon | pace 2:30

I am looking forward to a fun race. I enjoy pacing and sharing in the excitement of the race and encouraging runners to help them reach their goal.

Randy Wason.jpg
Ben Walker

Ben Walker

Half Marathon | pace 1:30

I love to run and enjoy the energy of other runners and races. Train for marathons and the post race beers.

Michael Zaroukian

Marathon | pace 4:45

Late-blooming (first marathon @ age 58) physician marathoner from Okemos with 31 marathons under my belt, including 8 Boston marathons and all 6 Abbott World marathon majors. Experience pacing marathon at 4:45 (10:52 pace) and half-marathon at 1:56 (9:00 pace). I tend to pace at even effort using pacebands, especially when there is significant elevation change like there is for the Kalamazoo Marathon.

Michael Zaroukian
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