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Meet this year's Ambassadors!

ZKZM Ambassadors represent the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon and the running community in many ways. They represent enthusiasm, dedication, healthy living, and driving a healthy community. They are leaders and advocates in keeping our bodies moving in whatever way is best for YOU. Responsibilities include posting their personal journeys and experiences on social media and being awesome stewards in and around the community. 

Ambassador Pic_Welniak, Katie.jpg

Katie Welniak

Hi there, I’m Katie! A mom, wife, and lover of all this fitness related! I’ve been running races for the past ten years and will be completing my 7th half-marathon at the ZKM! I also love strength training and any sort of fitness competition. I’m extremely passionate about helping women of all fitness levels see what they are truly capable of and encouraging them to pursue their fitness-related goals despite their shape or size. I believe we are all much more capable than we give ourselves credit for! I’m so excited to be an ambassador for the ZKZM! See you all on the course!

Bridget Corona

I can still remember the feeling of crossing that finish line for the first time. Being able to share that moment with thousands of people is an amazing experience. Coming together as a community through movement is a beautiful thing! Ultimately with the same goal in sight… to cross that finish line! Running has changed my life in so many ways physically, mentally and socially. Now, being a mother of two I’ve embraced running even more! Running always shows up for me on my hardest days. It’s a great feeling to be proud of yourself and overcoming barriers and obstacles in achieving your goal! As a fitness professional for over 12 years now, I’m passionate about bringing movement into the lives of others to show them just how impactful that can be on all aspects of health! This year the Kalamazoo race marks my 12th running anniversary and I am excited to promote health within the community as an ambassador for this wonderful event! Time to start moving!! 

Ambassador Pic_Corona, Bridget 1.jpg
Ambassador Pic_Lawrence, Taylor.jpg

Taylor Lawrence

Hello there! I’m Taylor Lawrence. I am a born and raised Kalamazooligan! I got into running to create relationships and ended up making life-long friends after my first run camp. I am currently a Run Kalamazoo – run camp leader, training for the Zeigler Kalamazoo Full Marathon. I am passionate about my community and giving back. The race I am most proud of is completing a half-marathon while being seven months pregnant with my son, Jack, in 2017. Fun fact: I hold the unofficial record for making the most porta-potty stops that day. He now continues to participate as a runner in the PNC Kids 1K. I can’t wait to cross the finish line with you on April 23rd!

Annika Ehrig Rosario

Annika has been living in the Kalamazoo area for most of her life and started running in High School on her cross-country team. She has been involved in the local running community for years and is currently training for the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon with Run Kalamazoo, a non-profit focused on changing individuals' lives through movement and community. She has participated in many races in the community including Kalamazoo Area Runners' Winter Blast Half Marathon, The Kalamazoo Marathon, Borgess Half Marathon, Jack-O-Lantern 10k, The Peacock Strut, The Color Run, The Hot Cider Hustle, Run Michigan Cheap South Haven, and many others. Annika is passionate about health and fitness since she has been through a long health and fitness journey herself. She encourages everyone to come and participate in the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon Race Weekend Festivities by running/walking with friends and family, volunteering, or cheering on participants on the sidelines or at a Spirit Station! If you see her out and about say "hi", or feel free to honk if you see her out running in the area.

Ambassador Pic_Ehrig Rosario, Annika.jpg
Ambassador Pic_Amstutz, Becky.jpg

Becky Amstutz

Hi! I’m Becky, and I’m so excited to be an ambassador for the Ziegler Marathon! Originally from Arizona, my journey to running did not start until I moved to Michigan. I signed up for my first ever run camp in 2009, with some encouragement from friends, to train for my first ever 5K. Fast forward to now, and I have run over 40 half marathons and 4 full marathons. My favorite part of running is the social aspect. Meeting new people, and running with friends. I will say though, a lot of my training takes place in my basement as I’m a mom to two littles, ages 3 and 4. I’m also a full-time pharmacist and recently went back to playing roller derby with the Kalamazoo Roller Derby. Super excited for the new half marathon course this year!

Adrienne Wiltzer

I have been running since 2015. I joined the Borgess Run Camp for the 5k program. I could not run for 5 minutes, let alone 5k. My leader was so great and helped me get to race day. I ran the race and felt like I was on top of the world. I could do anything at that point so I signed up for a triathlon…I didn’t know how to swim. After joining a group called Your Turn, I did the training and completed a sprint triathlon. During this season of my life, I had so many people who are now major characters in the story of my life and I will forever be grateful for learning to move my body and making true friendships in the process. I have done many races from a mile run to a half Ironman since 2015 and the communities in our area keep me going.

Ambassador Pic_Wiltzer, Adrienne.jpg
Ambassador Pic_Attwell-Mills, Cece.jpg

Cece Attwell-Mills

Hi, I'm Cece and I'm very excited to be a ZKZM ambassador! I'm originally a Yooper from Marquette, MI that moved down to the Kalamazoo area almost 2 years ago. 
It was a challenge to meet new people during pandemic times so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and start training for a half marathon!  Having been more of a swimmer and cyclist, I didn't know how rewarding running could be until I participated in a 5K color run back in 2016 for my very first race. The friendships I have made while training for ZKZM have made all the long runs and freezing Saturday mornings absolutely worth it. The running community in Kalamazoo is truly amazing and welcoming to people of all fitness levels. I highly encourage everyone to come be part this exciting weekend whether they are racing, volunteering, and just coming out to support the athletes!

Lisa Luebke-Smith

I was inspired to start running back in 2013, after hearing an ad on the radio for Borgess Run Camp. I was never a runner, and intended to sign up for the 5k when a friend talked me into the half marathon camp, which then turned into a full marathon commitment... I remember leaving that meeting and saying to myself- what am I thinking?!! With the support of Run Camp, and the running community as a whole, I was able to complete my first marathon in 2013 and the second, in 2014. From there, it was half marathons and 5K’s for the next few years, and then life got busy and I didn’t keep it up. When I heard the Marathon was coming back to Kalamazoo, I knew I had to be a part of it! So come join the fun - you have only great things to gain, and nothing to lose!

Ambassador Pic_Luebke-Smith, Lisa.jpg
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