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The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon celebrates 45 years of commitment to health and providing the ultimate event experience for everyone in the community!

At the heart of it, the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon is about driving a healthy community for all - driving health through movement; driving health through community connection; driving health through local economic impact; and driving health by creating something that everyone of all ages, ethnicities, races, abilities, and identities can be a part of!

Our weekend of events is sure to bring your organization unique exposure and interaction with thousands of community members and visitors. As a sponsor of the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon your organization will not only join the movement to drive a healthy community, but your organization will be positively impacted through the various benefits offered at any level of commitment!

3,212 total participants

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marathon participants
half-marathon participants
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10K and 5K participants
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kids' 1K participants


1. Adherence to 3 main goals

Driving a healthy community, great participant experience, and community engagement.

2. Committed to diversity & inclusion

We believe running (or walking!) is for people of all shapes, sizes, color, age, indentitiy, and ability.

6. Supports charity

Participants can donate to suppirt one of our three charitity partners or donate to support a runner so everyone has the opportunity to run.

7. Sponsors receive keen attention

Race organizers will provide ongoing communication and are always available for questions, concerns, and general feedback.

3. Connects with your employees

Employees can get involved by running/walking, volunteering, or spectating.

8. Premium recognition

Sponsoring this event offers a plethora of promotional opportunities.

4. Kalamazoo engagement

Moving the event to downtown Kalamazoo creates a greater opportunity for participants to engage with local businesses.

9. Great marketing strategies

Our strategy not only builds off the wonderful Kalamazoo community, but it brings in tourism to bolster our economy.

5. Year-round commitment

The planning committee meets every week, all year-round to ensure a successful event.

10. Sponsorship structure

The sponsorship structure was created to ensure your sponsorship is meanginful and makes an impact.

Support your community through sponsorship or media coverage

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