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spectators cheering


Cheer on your runner at our designated spectator stations.

Map of spectator viewing areas

excessive enthusiasm is encouraged

Spectator Area #1

half & 10K

Head out before the runners do and start the race off right with some enthusiasm 1.5 miles in. Watch the runners go by at Monroe Street, next to University Roadhouse, at the entrance to WMU's campus.

Spectator Area #2


Your runner will need some encouragement half-way through, and at the top of one heck of a hill on Drake Road. Park in Asylum Nature Preserve or across the street. Stadium Drive will be open so you should be able to get there pretty easily.

Spectator Area #3

half, 10K, 5K

See your runner near the end! Head west from the Festival Site and go down the Kalamazoo Mall until you reach the spot on Burdick Street.

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